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Pharmaceutical Advice

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Chlamydia screening and treatment

The signs and symptoms of Chlamydia are invisible, but just a simple urine test, carried out in the privacy of your own home can tell you if you may be carrying the infection. Many pharmacies now supply the test kits and results come back from the lab in a matter of days. Many pharmacies will supply an antibiotic treatment, if there is a positive test result.

Your local pharmacist can give you advice on maintaining good sexual health such as:

  • Information on the types of contraception
  • Signposting to other services e.g. testicular examination, erectile dysfunction, prevention of STIs

Allergy Screening 

One in three of the population experiences an allergic reaction in the UK at some time in their life. Some pharmacies offer an allergy screening service which involves the pharmacist taking a full allergy history and then discussing how best to reduce the symptoms of a person’s allergy. If required, a ‘pin prick’ allergy test can be performed which involves taking a drop of blood from the patient to confirm what may be causing the allergy.

Many community pharmacies offer the following health checks:

Blood pressure testing

Many pharmacists can now check your blood pressure and offer lifestyle advice about how you can stay healthy.

Cholesterol testing

A simple ‘finger prick’ test that can reveal your cholesterol level is offered in some pharmacies. Advice on how to reduce your cholesterol level is on hand too.

Blood glucose testing

Having too much glucose in your blood may indicate you are at risk of diabetes. Pharmacists can offer a simple finger prick test that will let you know if your blood glucose level is too high, and what to do to keep it low or reduce it.

NHS Health Checks

Some pharmacies in England provide the free NHS Health Check service for people between the ages of 40-75. The NHS Health Check will assess your risk of developing heart problems. See NHS Choices for more information.

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